FTSi.Tech focuses on matching top talent in technology with the technological advancements of our clients. Getting it right the first time increases engagement, retention and gives you the resources you need to achieve your goals. It begins by understanding your business and providing honest, objective feedback. We’ll create a roadmap to reach your objectives and help you get the people in place you need to succeed. Our client management teams work with their customers to best understand the gaps in their teams and the type of talent needed in order to fill those gaps. Our focus is to provide long term solutions to your business.

Assess an FTSi.Tech employee at your location before extending an employment offer to reduce your hiring risks. This option allows you to evaluate each person under real-world circumstances to determine if they have the skills and temperament to succeed in your organization.






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Our professionals begin by understanding your company’s culture, goals, challenges and staffing needs. Together, we’ll create a workforce solution that paves the way for the long-term growth and profitability of your organization.


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Beginning with one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders including executives and hiring managers, our team develops an in-depth profile of the industry skills and personal attributes candidates must possess to thrive in your organization.

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Recruitment and Hiring 

recruitment and hiring

Our real-world experience and comprehensive process ensures each candidate is a proven performer and has the tools to be successful in your organization. Our process continues even six months after a placement date, ensuring each placed employee is productive, engaged, loyal and prepared for long-term success.