Six Key Traits of a Great Leader

  1. A great manager has the ability to motivate every single employee to take action. Each employee has a different need and something that will motivate them differently. A good leader has the ability to hone in and see what they can help unlock in each employee so that they can be successful.

  2. Assertiveness to drive outcomes and have a solution-first mindset.

  3. They can create a culture of clear accountability. A good manager has the ability to push people to succeed.

  4. A good leader has the ability to build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency. By instilling this within the culture of the organization, it encourages employees to trust their team mates. It also shows that the manager is capable of trusting his/her employees.

  5. A great leader has the ability to make the right decisions.

  6. The most important trait of an amazing manager is that they are passionate, yet humble. They want the people around them to succeed. Infusing their passion in others drives the team.

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