Quarantine Leadership Lessons

Quarantine Leadership Lessons

1. Self-awareness is pivotal. 

Being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses helps to keep you grounded and on track. Without being in-tune with oneself, you will not be able to properly tune into others. As we are keeping socially distant, and are more isolated than ever before, we must learn to find joy and motivation within ourselves.  Often, when working in the office, we find motivation in competition and we are pushed to succeed by those on our team. When working remotely, we must be aware of what motivates us. Do you need to set a timer, and reward yourself with a walk? Do you work better getting it all done in one sitting so you can sit and enjoy your lunch break? What helps keep you on task? 

2. Communication is key. 

Even in a digital world, it’s easy to keep your head down and get your work done. During quarantine, it was important to spend more time connecting with colleagues than when in the office. Set time with your team to meet via Video Chat, pick up the phone and give your colleague a call, check-in to see how your team is doing, or host a virtual happy hour. This helps improve company culture, without being in the physical office space. It also gives employees a sense of social interaction and support from their colleagues during a time when people feel more isolated than ever. 

3. Leaders need to be present. 

Even while working remotely, it’s important to be present in your work. It’s important to give your full attention to your craft. It’s so easy to pop on the TV, be pulled towards the refrigerator for the third time within the hour, or to justify small accomplishments. It’s important to be fully present in your work. Set goals for yourself on what you should accomplish each day. Integrate yourself, as a leader, by setting goals for your team. This will help keep the workflow moving, and everyone on track towards a common goal.  

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