Odd Skills Every Recruiter Should Master

When it comes to being a recruiter, there is a constant need to keep up with the skills necessary to be successful.

How good are you at getting responses on your InMails? Do you keep up with the ever-changing tech world? Are you good at building relationships during the initial phone screen in order to keep the candidate engaged?

These may seem like basic skills. However, there are skills that seem to go under the radar of striving recruiters.

1. Presenting

Public speaking is feared more than darkness, spiders, and drowning. This does not represent your skill as a sourcer, but may impact your representation as a recruiter. Perhaps you cannot sell your candidate to your hiring manager. Presenting is also a crucial skill for when it comes down to selling the position to the candidate. Not everyone is an extreme extrovert, skilled at public speaking naturally. Others have to work on it. This is a skill that all recruiters should try to master, innate or not.

2. Networking

They say it’s all in who you know. Every chance to meet someone new should be thought of as an opportunity. Attending events such as MeetUps or joining social groups with people who have the skill sets you work with are all opportunities to expand your network. Recruiting, especially in this tight market, is very dependent upon referrals and relationships. Even if you practice presenting the position to the candidate, it may help if they trust your judgment before diving into the job search world. Recruiters entire position is centered around managing and working with people. Building up a strong network can advance your career. 

3. Writing

Before connecting with the candidate via phone or presenting them with the opportunity, the candidate must first apply or inquire about the position. In order to gain the interest of prestigious candidates, you must first have the ability to write an appealing job description. By practicing writing, this can help with InMails, job descriptions, proposals, etc. If there are consistent grammar errors, this can deter elite candidates from applying or reaching out. Presenting is not only done via public speaking, how your positions are presented in writing is important also. 

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