How Diverse is your Workforce?

Diversity and inclusion is not a new idea. It is, however, at the forefront of things candidates look for within an organization. How diverse is your workforce? Leaders, across all platforms, are asking themselves, “How do we challenge the status quo and create a more welcoming, diverse, inclusive workplace?”

Within the recruiting and staffing industry, it is our responsibility to connect the best people within the best organizations.

The demand for more diversity and inclusion within organizations also brings to light the demand for solutions.

By creating a more diverse workforce, not only will this encourage more employee participation, but it also produces valuable data. By using an ATS System that avoids bias while searching can assist your talent acquisition team in producing the best candidates for each position, encouraging a more diverse pool of people.

Discuss diversity and inclusion with your talent acquisition team and come up with a solution. Some examples of implementation are:

  1. Be sure to have an ATS system that avoids bias

  2. Create and develop an inclusive onboarding process that improves employee retention

  3. Conduct transparent employee evaluations which align with performance objectives in order to lead to fair compensation

  4. Address the gap, simply bring to light which areas lack in diversity

  5. Talk about it

With diversity and inclusion present within every aspect of your workplace, you align with the ever present push to develop a transformative market.

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