Candidate to Customer

The current job market is candidate driven. Top Talent has many options to choose from. Especially, within IT, we have seen the candidate shift from candidate to customer. This requires recruiters to shift their focus on sourcing, to marketing. By using marketing strategies, a good recruiter must now differentiate their organization from all the others vying for the candidates’ attention. With the unemployment rate so low, candidates now have the ability to “shop” for their job.

Top product companies, such as Apple, have gained loyal “customers” by marketing a very user-friendly customer experience, as well as an exemplary employee brand. How does this relate to recruiting?

Your candidates are now your customers. Your candidate pool will grow by referrals and positive reviews. Positive reviews stem from positive experiences. The goal of every recruitment marketing element is to attract top talent to your positions. Successful recruiters know how to market themselves and the position, catering to the candidate’s journey.

The candidate’s journey no longer is a simple application process. The psychology behind the “shopping” begins as early as awareness. Once the candidate is aware of the position, they will consider diving deeper. This is where candidate engagement is key. Having an active social media account or an engaging employee blog will allow the candidate’s consideration to turn into interest. Once interested in the job, the candidate will apply.

This is where the traditional role of recruiting returns (application, selection, hire). It is important to identify what attracts the candidate and what their priorities are. Just as Apple has developed a product that is user-friendly, recruiters must develop an employee brand and employee value proposition that is attractive and competitive. The best recruiters attract the best candidates. However, now they must act as both recruiter and marketer in order to spark interest amongst their “customers”.

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