Four Skills Recruiters Need to be Successful

Staffing agencies are everywhere. What sets one apart from another? PEOPLE. FTSi.Tech believes that putting people first is the key to success. Our employees strive to assist both the client and the candidate, making sure it is a positive fit for both. Although we put our people first, our company is growing not because it is a service, but rather because it is a service worth selling. Many become recruiters because they love people and want to make a positive impact on those they work with. That need to help others is not the only quality that drives success. In our observation, there are 4 skills that make a recruiter successful.

1. The ability to build relationships with both the client and the candidate.

Even if you are not making money off of a candidate or client at the time, it is important to keep in touch. Diversification is key to keep the business moving. This also allows you to keep your candidates that are in the back seat updated with various roles, in order to keep their interest and their trust.

2. The potential to hold themselves accountable.

The idea of self-accountability represents holding oneself to a standard and managing oneself in a way that meets or exceeds that standard. Recruiters have busy days. Self-accountability is reflected in time management and multitasking.

3. The capacity to remain calm under pressure.

Recruiting is a high-stress position. Both the clients and the candidates are looking to the recruiter for answers. You must remain calm when something goes wrong. Remaining professional and collected when the candidate backs out or the client isn’t conversing with you is important, as it represents your company and your outlook.

4. Having a strong social presence, both digitally and in person.

Recruiting is all about connections. By embracing every conversation as a way to gain a connection, this will put you well ahead of the competition. Maximizing your social media presence is also key. It is important to also post, as having connections is not enough. Blogging about your experiences, sharing your knowledge, and getting involved in your community is a great way to market your position and expand your network.

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