consulting and strategy 

technology assessment

Today, things change at a rapid speed, and technology is the reason for that. The PC’s you purchased 3 months ago are now outdated, the software you bought last year needs to be upgraded to the latest version. If you wonder how often you should look at pricing and competitive products to get these things up to date, the answer is; ALWAYS. We can provide the consultative approach needed to make sure you are always getting the latest and greatest technology that fits your needs for the best prices.

project management

We can provide a team of experts that will manage large-scale projects with exceptional project execution capabilities and tools. The approach will be integrated, hands-on, and offer a wide range of services designed specifically for your needs and project scope.

vendor management

The relationship between the business and its suppliers is critical. We will provide a comprehensive experience in managing these relationships. Our transparent approach starts from the sales process and continues into the financial analysis, and ongoing evaluation of suppliers.   


Mergers and Acquisitions all have their unique process and success stories. Each transaction is looked at closely and completed with the best interest of both parties in mind. The most successful M&A has buy-in from both sides and a full understanding of the vision of the merged companies. We will work with both sides closely to help ease the transition and maximize success.

it strategy & governance

All IT initiatives are based on an understanding of organizational objectives and enterprise risk management. As a key decision-maker, it is important to understand that IT can always provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We will develop a strategy that specifically tailors to the business responsibilities across the governance scope and helps strengthen the relationship with the business and stakeholders.

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