Our team is built to support and drive innovation in today's ever-changing world of technology.   In a digital world, our belief is that people make all the difference.



Please welcome to the team our Summer 2022 College Professionals, John Sommers, Alyssa Pollice, and Luke Rupert!

John is a sophomore at the University of Dayton, Alyssa is a sophomore at Washington & Jefferson College, and Luke is a sophomore at the University of Dayton.

They will be assisting our team with marketing and recruiting.

Welcome to the team!!!


Our Service Offerings


What We Offer

As your business grows, your reliance on IT continues to grow. To maintain the resources needed to keep your functions, teams, and systems running efficiently and keep operating costs down, managed services is your lifeline. We will become your services provider for all things IT related and fully commit to your success.

FTSi.Tech focuses on attracting top talent in technology and partnering them with the technological advancements of our clients. We strive to provide the support needed in order for our clients to consistently drive innovation in today’s ever-changing world. We encourage the use of new and innovative technology to sustain growth, assist clients in differentiating themselves in the marketplace, and attract the brightest minds in technology.

Consulting and Strategy

What We Can Do

All IT initiatives are based on an understanding of organizational objectives and enterprise risk management. As a key decision-maker, it is important to understand that IT can always provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We will develop a strategy that specifically tailors to the business responsibilities across the governance scope and helps strengthen the relationship with the business and stakeholders.


Staffing and Recruitment

What You Need

We take a strategic approach to building strong lines of communication between Human Resource Management teams and Information Technology teams within medium to large corporations by providing TAAS (Talent Acquisition  As A Service). Creating an understanding between IT teams and HR teams while never sacrificing talent or quality in resources and allowing teams to grow at the pace needed to support the business and generate revenue.